Thursday, 7 November 2013

Special Delivery! Warehouse Dress

Being the occasion wear hypochondriac that I am, I had not one, not two but three dresses on option for my Graduation last week. Excessive some may say, but hey it's a big day and I wanted to be certain that I had the right dress/accessories/confidence to pull off a look I was completely comfortable with (lets just say that there was A LOT of shopping done both on foot and online).

In the end I chose an elegant teal dress from Warehouse. It was perfect; knee length, great cut, lightweight with beautiful leather shoulder cut out detail. Unfortunately that day they did not have my size in Debenhams so I took to my laptop that night and they had my size online. I was a happy bunny until....

disaster loomed! My Graduation was last Tuesday 29th October, with my dress due the previous day...which was the October bank holiday Monday. It did not occur to me when ordering it the previous Thursday that it may not arrive on a bank holiday...and it didn't *sad face*

What did happen was the courier rang me at 2pm the following day, the day of my graduation (while I was sitting in a taxi on my way to the college in fact). As you can tell I didn't get to wear this absolute beaut on the day. Things don't always go to plan, that's life. Not to worry option two from Awear was worn instead. I was very happy with it as it was comfortable and went perfectly with the accessories I had chosen as it was also green albeit a different shade. The day went down without a hitch outfit-wise, success!

Warehouse Dress // Link!

And here ends my little tale, I now have the dress! It didn't make it to my big day but I have no doubt that it will come in handy for any future (mostly likely formal) adventures. It just goes to show that having numerous outfit options isn't necessarily a bad thing especially when it comes to important occasions. On a side note option three was returned as it was too booby, not good when the President of the college is handing you your degree!

Have ye had any similar mishaps via online shopping/deadlines/big occasions?! Let me know! Hope ye're all well!

Nóirín X


  1. Love!! Haha, too booby, lucky in the end eh? ;) x

    1. Haha stop! Thought it was perfect in the shop (wishful thinking) and then in hindsight at home Mom was like too booby! I'd have to have worn a polo neck underneath! :L XX