Sunday, 3 November 2013

Graduation Day!

Hi, hope everyone is doing well!
Graduation day finally arrived so I would like to share a few snaps of the day with you lovely people.
Nóirín and I both graduated for BSc Government, which is a degree in political science, in University College Cork. 
We became friends on our first day of college, back in 2009, and after four years of essays, presentations, exams and the occasional night out, we made it to graduation. 

There was a lot to do on the day so my advise for any future graduates is to try not to get overwhelmed by the day and to enjoy it. 
Also, The cloak and cap are quite ill fitting so bring plenty hair clips and safety pins to adjust them to suit you.

Dress code for the day was formal attire (I bought my dress from Warehouse).  

Talk soon feathers and congratulations to everyone who graduated this year.