Sunday, 30 March 2014

March Style Crush: EMMA WATSON

Emma Watson has wrapped up this month with the promotional leg of her latest film 'Noah'. And my God how beautiful she looks! Makeup wise she has sported pared back looks letting her natural beauty shine through and, at times, adding pops of berry tones on her lips.

Her outfit choices have reflected her make up looks and have been clean cut and minimalist. What I love about Emma's style choices is how comfortable she looks in her own skin. When you feel good you look good and Emma looks radient!

My favourite look has to be the white plunging neck wrap top and black peg leg pants combo, so chic and toughened up with her tousled side-parted hair and a berry lip *sigh

What is your favourite look? Happy weekend everyone!


Photo credits go to various Emma Watson Tumblrs, you guys are amazing! No copyright intended

Sunday, 23 March 2014

Weekend Style Post: It's My Birthday!

Hello everyone!

Just a quick style post of the outfit I wore for my birthday dinner Saturday. I turned the big 2-4 (eek) yesterday, older but definitely not wiser! I'm glad I'm not 23 anymore may sound weird but I don't like being an uneven number age (yes I'm odd)

I actually took these photos today as the weather in Cork yesterday was horrendous....we're talking rain/hail/snow kinda craziness. The sun was shining this evening and in my opinion perfect weather for outdoor snaps! 

I went for a dressy casual look with a nod to Spring with my pattern blazer (major steal) as I am sick of wearing black, although a huge black Eskimo style jacket was needed to keep me rain free! I really love adding jewelry pieces to spice up an outfit like I did here adding gold accents to match in with my MK bag.

Hope you like it and hope everyone had a good weekend! I am currently veging on the couch watching the Voice of Ireland and trying not to think of my 7am start tomorrow, the joys!

Noir X

Penneys T-shirt/Sunglasses - New Look Boots/Blazer - Topshop Joni Jeans - Michael Kors Bag - Topshop/River Island Rings - Dorothy Perkins Necklace - Gifted Bangle - Catrice Cosmetics Nail-varnish in Nudes 05

Saturday, 8 March 2014

Everyday Casual Outfit Looks

 Hi Everyone! 
I took some quick snaps of my everyday casual outfits, I hope you all enjoy them.  
(Sorry for the very boring background) 

 Outfit I 

 Coat / Asos
Top / Topshop
Trousers / Dorothy Perkins
Boots / Bershka 

Outfit II 

Sunglasses / Asos 
Sweatshirt / Nasty Gal
Trousers / Dorothy Perkins 
Boots / Bershka 

Bag / Dorothy Perkins 

 Outfit III 

Cardi / Missselfridge 
Crop Top / Topshop (€4 on Sale)
Joni Jeans / Topshop
Desert Boots / Penneys (Primark)

I wear my Asos coat with the last two outfits as well as it is still very cold here in Ireland 

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

(Almost!) Healthy Banana and Chocolate Cookies

Hello everyone!

This isn't the usual style/beauty post, but a little baking one instead! I saw a lovely easy recipe for chocolate banana cookies that I attempted (being the definitive word!) on the lovely Pippa O' Connor Ormonds instagram account recently and wanted to share it with you!

These are a wonderful alternative to chocolate bars and other (delicious but fatty) treats and are so simple to make when the dreaded sweet cravings surface! The beauty of these is that everyone can put their own spin on them. You can add chocolate/raisins or whatever of your favourite treats or alternatively leave them plainer, the choice is all yours! Pictured above is my very own version!

Recipe (for approx 9 small squares):

3 mashed banana's (*ripe)
1 tsp stevia/xylitol/sweetener
1/3 cup apple sauce (or small sized cooking apple)
2 cups oats
1/4 cup almond/soya milk
1/2 cup raisins (optional)
1 tsp vanilla extract
1 tsp cinnamon
1/2 bar Aero/Wispa/Dairymilk (the list is endless!!)

Materials required:

Cooking pot, two plastic bowls, microwavable bowl, wooden spoon, knife, baking tray, grease proof paper, oven


  • I made my own apple sauce by chopping a small sized cooking apple into very thin slices into a cooking pot. I put a small amount of water and xylitol in it and placed at a medium/high heat. I slowly boiled it until the apple mixture was mushy and took off heat and placed on worktop to cool
  • I then chopped and mashed the banana's with a potato masher in a plastic bowl and poured in the hot (be careful!) stewed apple mixture. I mixed these and then added the soya milk, oats, vanilla extract and cinnamon and mixed it thoroughly with a wooden spoon.
  • I preheated my oven to 180 Celsius/350 Fahrenheit 
  • I got my baking tray and cut enough grease proof paper to fit over it. I then scooped the mixture into the baking tray and evened out with a wooden spoon. I baked for 15/20 minutes or until hard/browned (check with a knife if mixture comes off loosely then leave for a little longer)
  • I took this out using a tea towel and put to one side to cool. I then added half a bar of Aero chocolate to a microwavable bowl and microwaved until melted.
  • I poured the melted chocolate onto the top and placed in the fridge. When the chocolate had hardened I cut into smaller squares.

This recipe is purely trial and error and they honestly didn't turn out great the first time I made them but that's the beauty of baking treats: perfecting a recipe to your own satisfaction! I hope ye enjoy these cookies and I would LOVE to know if ye have any healthy alternatives similar to this!


*It is key to have ripe banana's for the mixture to combine properly