Thursday, 31 July 2014

So Debenhams had a sale...

Not only did Debenhams have a sale, they had a DAMN good sale. So being the compulsive spender I am (who needs car tax?) I went ahead and bought not one but TWO pairs of Carvelas...oops. In my defense I had a wedding coming up and needed new heels. The beautiful blue ones here are what I got and man was I lucky I went with them.

They were a DREAM to wear. They brought we through 7 hours of dancing, standing, walking up and down stairs with not a blister or cut come 4.30am. Now that my friends is a shoe worth investing in. So I went ahead and prayed that there would be a size 5 in the nude pair left the following week...and so there was.

As many of you know its near impossible to find nude heels that are both stylish, comfortable, reasonably priced and in it for the long haul. These babies tick all of the boxes and, in my opinion were a bargain to boot. The blue Carvelas were reduced from €150 to €75 and the nudes from €140 to €65....give or take two shoes for the price of one. Thank you Debenhams.

Hope you like the pics, I had to share because they are so beautiful (always a sucker for gold details). Have ye picked up any good deals this spring/summer sale time?


Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Breakin' in the Birkenstocks

Hey all!

So yup I caved. What can I say after breaking these baby's in I am in love. Hook line and sinker! I honestly wasn't a fan at first but after purchasing these on sale in Debenhams a fortnight ago I am so glad I chanced them. They are so so comfortable, sturdy and are perfect for my wide (annoyingly wiiiiiide) feet!

Today I wore them for a Mother/Daughter day out. We got our hair done (welcome back balayage hair), did a lil shopping and ate some Nando's. Good day all round. The weather at the moment is so DEAD in Ireland. I am talking no air (cue Jordan Sparks 'No aiiirrr' etc etc) like walking into a sauna except wait your OUTSIDE. Insane for Ireland and thus causing feet to swell like crazy. These sandals are perfect for this type of weather and someone looking for a good holiday shoe.

Hope everyone is having a happy hump day! Have ye hopped on the trend band wagon and gotten yer selves some lovely little Birkenstocks?!


PRIMARK Top&Bangle
TOPSHOP Joni Jeans
FAITH Birkenstocks
NIKKI LISSONI Necklace (Gift)

Monday, 14 July 2014

Werkin' It

Hello everyone!

I purchased these gorgeous AND comfy floral pants in the Zara January sales, and what a cheap investment they turned out to be! They consist of a stretchy soft material perfect for the walking and sitting I do on a regular working basis. I also often wear these on a night out with heels, a black/white top, blazer and clutch so it is super versatile. What I like best about these is the floral tones, not too loud or out there but more kinda style and perfect for every season.

Today I teamed these with casual yet office appropriate dark clothing and silver accessories because the magpie in me would never be bling free on any occasion! I can't finish this post without mentioning my new handbag *sigh*. I got this last week in Dunnes Stores (when I was in fact bikini shoppping) and it was love at first sight. The Savida bag features both short handles to hook on your arm or a removable/adjustable longer strap for your shoulder. It has oodles of space and a cute polka dot pattern inside. The studs on one side add edge to the bag and can convert it from a day-night look. And the colour? Dove grey, need I say more?! Hope ye like the look as much as I do.

Happy week to ye all!


ZARA Floral Pants
M&S Cardigan
TOPSHOP Pumps/Red Bracelet
WAREHOUSE Silver Bracelet
VOGUE Glasses

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Specs Appeal!

Hello everyone!

Hope ye are all having a happy hump day! The weather is still going strong(ish) in Ireland at the moment AND I have a day off work, hurrah! A little story about my glasses the start of the year I picked up a viral eye infection in my left eye which meant I couldn't wear my contact lenses, those of which I had been wearing on a daily basis for 4 years. It was tough. I know this probably doesn't seem like a big deal to some but If you're not accustomed to wearing glasses on a regular basis again...well it sucks. ESPECIALLY when you hate your glasses with a passion and do not feel confident wearing them.

So, I decided to invest in a brand spanking new pair of glasses plus prescription sunglasses. The sunglasses were a definite MUST aswell as I looove wearing sunglasses (I have about 15 pairs) and always have a pair at hand. Yes I'm one of those who wears them even when the sun ain't shinin'!

Now I have a serious weakness for tortoise shell/leopard print pattern sunglasses and decided that I wanted this kind of pattern for my regular glasses. Of course I got similar style prescription sunglasses from the very delectable and classic Rayban Wafarer range. Major love. For my regular glasses I also wanted frames that were both comfortable to wear (not sticking into the back of your head) and wide enough to see more...if that makes sense?! My previous glasses had a very tiny frame so I literally had to turn my head to see everything. Very annoying. I went for Vogue glasses with a Rayban Wafarer style as I believe they suit my face shape the best (vuuuury oval!).

Two months in and I honestly could not be happier. I feel much more confident wearing glasses and feel that they suit me through and through. If you are in a similar predicament I would suggest investing in a new pair that you feel comfortable with as at the end of the day YOU will be the one wearing them day in day out and you want to be the most confident person you can be!

Happy mid week everyone!