Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Graduation Gift: Michael Kors

Hello everyone hope ye are all well! 

As Aoife mentioned in the previous haul post we spent a few days last week up in the Big Shmoke aka Dublin! Aoife picked up a few amazing pieces as did I! The main focus of our shopping expeditions for me was the search for a handbag. My Mom and I decided to 'go halves' on a bag of choice for my college graduation gift. Something reasonable but more high end that would be an investment for life. 

Most of my friends would agree that I am a stickler for looking after clothes/shoes/accessories. I just don't see the point in trashing something that you chose to buy whether its a bargain from Primark/Penneys or a key piece from Zara. I just love to look after and maintain my purchases because with the right care they can be preserved from season to season and year to year!

Now enough of my rambling and onto the BAG!! I had my heart set on a Michael Kors bag from the outset. I searched online and in my local Brown Thomas for 'the one'. I thought I had found it but there is definitely a difference between looking at something online and physically holding it in your own hands and really seeing it.

Last Friday, by Luas, we made our way to Dundrum Town Center. It was my first time there and I was slightly over-whelmed (and honestly more than slightly hungover - thanks to the Kodaline gig the night before) by the sheer magnitude of the building; so many floors/shops/lights/people/escalators...aaah! Sensory over load! 

Luckily we easily found the Michael Kors shop and got down to business. The shop assistant was not only nice but so so helpful. We were treated so well (where oftentimes basic manners is over looked in these type of high end stores). Within 2 minutes of talking to me she had found my perfect bag; black leather, shoulder strap, long detachable strap with gold chain detail, tassel on the zip, need I go on? It could be worn from day/night with ease. Literally my perfect bag! I think that she definitely has a skill of matching people to bags!

I left Michael Kors on air and text my Mom immediately thanking her for allowing me to make such an amazing purchase.

Another lovely feature of Michael Kors is the nod to giving back! The designer has partnered with the World Food Programme to #WATCHHUNGERSTOP. Whereby 100 meals are given to those who are badly off. And if that has piqued your interest we have a previous post here! on the fashion world giving back. Wonderful gift ideas for anyone especially in the run up to Christmas!

Have ye recently purchased any investment pieces or have one on a 'wishlist'? I would love to hear!



A black leather silver detail version of the bag can be found here!


  1. I love that bag soooo much. MK simple designs are always super beautiful. I think I know what I'm buying myself for Christmas ;)


    1. Thank you! I know that's why I was drawn to his designs in the first place their so understated and beautiful! Haha go on and treat yourself :) x

  2. You are so lucky! This bag is amazing :)

    xo Mel
    Selfhelp | Inspiration | Positivity

    1. Thank you Mel! I know I'm very lucky to have such a generous Mom :D xx

  3. I'm loving this bag!!! Looks so amazing :)


  4. great post! would you like to follow eachother?

    1. Thank you! Yes we are following you! You have a lovely blog, great photography :) X

  5. Replies
    1. Couldn't agree more he has AMAZING bag collections! X