Sunday, 30 March 2014

March Style Crush: EMMA WATSON

Emma Watson has wrapped up this month with the promotional leg of her latest film 'Noah'. And my God how beautiful she looks! Makeup wise she has sported pared back looks letting her natural beauty shine through and, at times, adding pops of berry tones on her lips.

Her outfit choices have reflected her make up looks and have been clean cut and minimalist. What I love about Emma's style choices is how comfortable she looks in her own skin. When you feel good you look good and Emma looks radient!

My favourite look has to be the white plunging neck wrap top and black peg leg pants combo, so chic and toughened up with her tousled side-parted hair and a berry lip *sigh

What is your favourite look? Happy weekend everyone!


Photo credits go to various Emma Watson Tumblrs, you guys are amazing! No copyright intended


  1. I seriously LOVE this post. I'm obsessed with Emma Watson - she's incredible! Can't choose a favorite look, she looks great in everything.


    1. Thank you! I know she looked FIERCE and did not put a foot wrong through this whole press tour! X

  2. She is my style crush too! What a talented yet smart girl xx

    1. Totally agree, there is something so natural about her. She has really come into her own of late! X