Wednesday, 5 November 2014

October Style Picks

Hello everyone!

Sorry for the lack of posts lately...Aoife and I have been pretty busy working etc and as many bloggers will know it is difficult juggling all the different aspects of your life and on top of that maintaining an interest in blogging too.

So, the break was nice but expect a few more posts before Christmas tiiiiiiiime! Yes, already mentioning Christmas because lets face it once November starts its a slippy slope to December. On the plus side the weather has been exceptionally mild in Ireland but I'm not too lulled into a sense of security as the sh!t will no doubt hit the fan weather-wise eventually. Ever the optimist, I know!

This post is pretty simple (to ease me back into blogging). These ladies were my October Style Picks. Oddly enough not one of these women (bar Emma Watson's pants) are wearing dark colours for Autumn/Winter hence why I was drawn to these looks. My obsession with cream/nude/white this past Autumn is not wavering!

Hope ye like this and I look forward to future blogging adventures! What were your favourite looks over the last month?


Emma Watson at the Britannia Awards in L.A.
Jenna Coleman in L.A.
Juno Temple at the 'Horns' Hollywood Premiere
Lily Collins in L.A.
Jenna Coleman at a BAFTA event

All images obtained from the Daily Mail Online. No copyright intended.


  1. Hi! thanks for your lovely comment :) About the LORAC palette: It should be available in Europe! The link that I included in the post is to Amazon :)

  2. I love Jenna Colemans outfit, I'm such a fan of nudes and interesting textures!

    much love xxx

    1. Likewise she is just so natural! I think it is great that nude tones are more popular this winter! Thanks for your lovely comment X

  3. Love all their looks! <3


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