Thursday, 31 July 2014

So Debenhams had a sale...

Not only did Debenhams have a sale, they had a DAMN good sale. So being the compulsive spender I am (who needs car tax?) I went ahead and bought not one but TWO pairs of Carvelas...oops. In my defense I had a wedding coming up and needed new heels. The beautiful blue ones here are what I got and man was I lucky I went with them.

They were a DREAM to wear. They brought we through 7 hours of dancing, standing, walking up and down stairs with not a blister or cut come 4.30am. Now that my friends is a shoe worth investing in. So I went ahead and prayed that there would be a size 5 in the nude pair left the following week...and so there was.

As many of you know its near impossible to find nude heels that are both stylish, comfortable, reasonably priced and in it for the long haul. These babies tick all of the boxes and, in my opinion were a bargain to boot. The blue Carvelas were reduced from €150 to €75 and the nudes from €140 to €65....give or take two shoes for the price of one. Thank you Debenhams.

Hope you like the pics, I had to share because they are so beautiful (always a sucker for gold details). Have ye picked up any good deals this spring/summer sale time?



  1. Haha I heard so much about that sale! Sadly, there's not one nearby here. :(
    But oh my gosh. Those shoes. They remind me of BCBG gold but this is so much more classy and refined. definitely love!

    1. Aw that sucks because Debenhams actually have proper sales! Ah thank you, they are definitely a long term buy and hopefully I won't wreck them!! X

  2. Gorgeous shoes!