Sunday, 22 February 2015

Weekend Post // Avene Skincare

Avene. A firm skincare favourite of mine for quite some time now. As someone who has quite red prone sensitive skin neutral fragrance free cosmetics are the way to go. For me, Avene delivers.

I use their cleanser, toner and thermal spring water on a daily basis and find they leave my skin smooth, soft and hydrated. I have found in the past that certain toners left my skin dry and tight and the cleansers (especially when double cleansing) left my skin feeling stripped. I believe the thermal spring water infused in the Avene products is key to avoiding this factor. Avene is also reasonably priced with each product shown above costing between €12.99-14.99. Spring, summer, autumn or winter this range for me is on point.

In future I plan on trying out their moisturisers and cold creams. What are your skincare favs? I'd love to know especially if you have similar skin problems!

Happy Sunday/Funday!