Thursday, 15 January 2015

Begin again...

Hello everyone and a very Happy New Year!

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas/Holidays wherever you are. I certainly did. I was lucky enough to be surrounded by my crazy friends and even crazier family and began a new year with a better attitude than last year, thankfully.

This time last year I was unemployed and feeling a little hopeless, lost. The generic mantra 'New Year, New You!' was definitely NOT appealing to me and frankly p!ssed me off a little.

January can be quite a difficult time of year as it is, especially when trying to have a positive attitude is the last thing on your mind. I find this month can resemble a pan on the boil, it heats up slowly as you set your 'resolutions' in motion, but can quickly boil over so very easily leaving you deflated. People TRY new things (fitness/diet/health being primary areas) and then fade out as the month goes by making them feel like failures. Not good.

Balance is key. Balance is, personally, always key for me. I think that if you want to change or achieve your personal goals you must prepare and consciously make a decision to keep on track. Set yourself achievable targets and follow from there. You must allow for failures, set backs and just days when striving forward is the last thing you want to do. Keep going regardless, don't sweat the small stuff. They're only small stuff! Stay positive, surround yourself with positive people who enhance your life and vica versa. You must have give/take. Take the rough with the smooth. Don't over-think. Be perceptive. Be kind. Be balanced.

So, as the year begins I have three simple personal goals which you may find inciteful:

1. Say 'Yes' more. Yup purdy easy. Put yourself out there and try new things. Surprise yourself!

2. Say 'No' more. Just say no. Screw it! You are your own person, you have a choice. Say no.

3. 'Be Positive'. Look forward with good intentions. Think positive. Be the you YOU want to be. Radiate positivity. Smile :)

Happy New Year!



  1. happy nea year to you too!:)
    these are some great advises, I always tell myself to be more positive!

    ( IG : @Konstantina.A )

  2. Thank you so much Konstantina. Just checked out your blog, your a very stylish lady! Xx